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Legal Research

We are capable of researching almost any legal issue and providing a finished work product in any format our customers require. Generally, our customers request that we provide work product in one of the following forms:

  • Memorandum providing legal analysis of issues presented by the customer’s set of facts;
  • Court-ready documents advocating the legal basis for our customer’s position in an ongoing case;
  • Surveys of laws, rules or regulations in various jurisdictions applicable to a topic or issue selected by the customer;
  • Letters advocating a legal position based on a set of facts; or
  • Annotated summary of cases relevant to the client’s issue(s) with copies of the cases attached.

Lawvie offers legal research solutions in a myriad of contexts, including projects related to the following:

  • Admissibility of Evidence
  • Articles for Publication
  • Cause of Action Assessment
  • Document Retrieval
  • Drop-In Arguments for Briefs
  • Drop-In Arguments for Letters
  • Foreign Law Research
  • Forum Selection Evaluation
  • Legislative History Research
  • Memoranda of Law
  • Multijurisdictional Surveys
  • Pleading Drafts
  • Professional Responsibility Research
  • Regulatory Research
  • Statute of Limitations Issues
  • Trial Briefs and Supporting Memoranda
  • Personal Injury Issues
  • Summaries of On-Point Cases
  • Westlaw Research
  • Zoning Law Research

Document Review

We efficiently review, organize, code, and synopsize scanned documents in preparation for litigation or in connection with that due diligence that large business transactions require. We tailor our document review services to the specific needs of our clients. By working with many web-based software programs, we are able to provide the most efficient and flexible document review service. We are also able to provide a finished result that is compatible with our clients’ existing document review software and procedures. So, whether you have thousands or millions of documents needing reviewing, we are your one stop solution.

Intellectual Property Services

Our global team of Intellectual Property (IP) attorneys and engineers provide customized IP services in order to meet our clients’ varied needs and assist them in what would otherwise be a tedious and complicated process. We provide the following global IP services:

Patent Services

  • Preparation of utility and design patent applications
  • On-going competitor patent review
  • Global patent portfolio management support services, including handling PTO correspondence
  • Patent research, engineering searches with regard to patentability and validity, study of prior art references, drafting technical specifications, and claim chart preparation.
  • Patent illustration with state of the art systems
  • Patent infringement research and related litigation support services
  • Patent compliance and technical analysis needed to create infringement-free designs for the client’s innovations
  • Patent proofreading
  • Patent mining and landscaping
  • Patent licensing form processing

Trademark Services

  • Trademark searches
  • Global trademark portfolio management support services, including worldwide registration and renewal
  • Trademark infringement research and related litigation support services
  • Trademark licensing form processing

Copyright Services

  • Copyright searches
  • Global copyright portfolio management support services, including worldwide registration and renewal
  • Copyright infringement research and related litigation support services
  • Copyright licensing form processing

Contract Drafting & Management 

Lawvie’s attorneys are capable of drafting and reviewing all forms of contracts for our clients. We work closely with our clients through the contract negotiation process and are able to offer them a customized contract development solution best suitable to their needs.

Factual & Business Information Research

We provide factual and business research on a variety of issues. For example, our clients often request research of financial and other data relevant to a certain company or group of companies within an industry. We also review SEC filings for company-specific or industry-related information or to locate form filings that may provide a starting point for the client’s filing.


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